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Ref NoT151/TAS-04
StateKuala Lumpur
CategoryFashion Industries

Boutique Clothing & Accessories

What began in 1997 with a collection of costume jewellery has grown into an entire world, redefining fashion, clothing, jewellery and accessories. This Indian fashion business has always delivered quality while setting trends and standard. Innovating, with active participation from, our customers’ feedback. The retail outlets are strategically located on the ground floor with massive footfall. Sale includes fixtures, furniture and stock costing RM 250k.

Customers are transferred into a rich world where trendy quality products are made for customers. They are not only come to buy clothes, customers come here to feel good and they come to look glamorous.

In the year 2000, the company, VIBE CREATIONS, took a step forward by branding all its merchandise and stores under the brand name “TBC- The Bombay Connections”. After branding its product, next was promoting the brand. Very aggressive promotion and sponsorship on local & satellite television and advertising in local Indian Magazines, TBC was soon recognized as a brand dealing in exclusive high fashion Indian merchandise.

In 1997, the 1st store was opened in Brickfields, for the first time Malaysians saw a store dedicated to Costume Jewellery from Bombay. With aggressive brand awareness campaigns and advertisements, TBC gained a huge customer base, which included the elite of both the Indian and Malay community.

TBC is always associated with best Indian and bollywood costume jewellery in Malaysia after having dressed up brides with the amazing range of accessories, bangles, necklaces and shoes. With its very close association and roots from Mumbai, TBC has custom made wedding outfits from scratch, transforming ideas, concepts, sketches and photographs into real wearable, affordable and stunning outfits. On many occasion brides are lost as they are unable to find anything suitable and matching outfits in Malaysia for their grooms, we at TBC custom made a one off outfit that was matched the brides to the tee. From a choice of more than 270 colours, customers can pick that one colour that they desire, be it a saree, lengha, sherwani or a Baju kurung for that matter.
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RM 50,000
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