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We will sell your business fast for you, the right channel of networks and database can help your business find a source of verified buyers or potential investors and aid in the sale of your business or company. Selling your business or company is a complex matter, we sell more businesses than anyone else in Malaysia and Asia. Let’s work with our professional advisers and business brokers for the best results.

We will let you know what to do for selling your business effectively, and advice how to sell your business fast and increase success rate. We are specialist in between RM100k to RM500m businesses for sale, provide one-stop solutions and full service for the process, honest assistance in finding buyers, valuation and preparation even your business is operating at a loss. We will handle your negotiations until you close the deal.

Let us know if there’s any way we can help you? Let's save your time and money to avoid mistakes, reduce stress and improve your success rate. * Private and Confidential

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Avoid costly mistakes. Let us show you the right way to achieve the best possible result, in the shortest possible time selling a business can be a very intimidating, complex, frustrating and time-consuming process. There are legal, tax, accounting, and regulatory issues to address.

Owners or managers should not be distracted from the day to day operations whilst the business is on the market. Don't fall into the trap of losing interest in the business once you have decided to sell. Selling a business is a marketing exercise, it requires time to plan and prepare the sale. Warning! Do not go to the market with half-baked documentation, unless you are selling only assets not goodwill.

We have an extensive database of local and oversea buyers and investors wishing to buy profitable and sustainable businesses. However, we do have some buyers are wishing to buy the existing renovation or takeover with the location only.

15 Questions to Ask Before Put Your Business for Sale to The Market

The following items need addressing before taking the business to the market:-

1. Is it the right time to sell?
2. What is the reason for selling?
3. What is the true value of the business?
4. How do I set a selling price? Is it realistic?
5. How much information should I disclose to the potential buyers?
6. Do I need help to identify the buyers? How do I reach them?
7. What am I selling? E.g. Renovation, Fittings, Equipment, Stocks, Goodwill, Location?
8. How do I present my financials to prospective buyers?
9. What are the statutory requirements? Do I need to prepare a Vendors Statement as required by law?
10. Can I assign my lease? Has the owner or management agreed?
11. Who should i approach for business for sale?
12. How to sell my business with Private and Confidential?
13. how to do marketing to sell your business?
14. When do I inform the staff, suppliers and customers?
15. Should you sell your company without a Business Broker or Business Transfer Agent?

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