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How do I get introduced to partners and where to look? We can get connected with the right partnership for your business.

Our team understands the needs of both partners and the business owners that we select, providing solid and trustworthy advice to both.

Meeting partners is a matching process, your new partners will hopefully be with you on your journey for a number of years, it might take longer than expected. Finally, stay positive, enjoy the wins and keep the processes in perspective. * Private and Confidential

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The right place to find different type of partners for your business, which are both tailored to your particular operational and financial needs, and would be able to build the right support required for a long and successful partnership.

Partner will invest money in your business and need to get involved in the daily operations. From our company previous experience and track record, small business owners most likely to looking for help and advice, so will prefer the assistance of a partner as opposed to a silent partner.

If you have a plan or strategy and merely looking for an infusion of capital then a silent partner may be a good choice. Treat the silent partner as a creditor or lender, they will receive a fixed rate of return, but unable to share in the profits.


Silent partners are also known as sleeping partners in Malaysia. A silent partner will not participate in the day to day running of the business. However, you need to keep them informed of everything, in particular, the accounts of the company. They will want to know how you are spending their money, how the business is performing, and the returns accrued or expected.

Many investors are looking for both a fixed payment on the capital that lending and equity in the organization, and get share of the profit. As a matter of fact, many investors do not just listen to new entrepreneurs entering the market and approve the deal. These investors tend to listen to other investors or the new about a new product that might get high market value and return.

Because every business and company are different, the information on these pages cannot address all the issues and questions that many be appropriate to your circumstances. We can only present general information which you should regard as a starting point to consider. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.

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