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Ref NoG293/UGS-05
StateEntire Malaysia
LocationWhole Malaysia
Food Production / Hospitality

Instant Rice Technology for Sale

INSTANT RICE! You may have heard of instant noodles but not instant rice! Yes, it exists and the technology is up for sale for only USD 6 million dollars. This billion-dollar innovation could be yours to handle and manage. The sky is the limit with this innovation new technology business opportunity.

There is no experience is needed. The current owners will share their expertise / secret with you and present to you in writing on how the technology works. The technology could be scaled to greater heights with a passion for business. With the right attitude and right contacts, you could become a billionaire with this technology.

So, if you believe you have what it takes to be one of many successful business owners and have a passion for technology and helping people, this is a great opportunity for you. This technology was founded in 2009 by a local medical doctor. As a doctor, the owner has seen many patients from all walks of life. He then realized that diabetic patients refrain from eating rice and in some cases come patients completely don’t consume rice anymore, as the starch levels are high in rice.

The owner then took it upon himself to “make” rice with low starch levels (Glycemic Index). However, a team was formed to develop this technology. While experimenting for more than 2 years, they finally found the right mix and composition to develop this technology.

This technology is special because its grains can be cooked by just adding hot boiling water into the cup like mold.

FUN FACT: The rice grains can be cooked even with COLD WATER.

*The time taken for the rice grains to turn into rice depends on the temperature of the water used.

The current owner has kept the business for more than a decade, now it’s time to retire, they are keen to sell the business, will accept any reasonable offer. Don’t miss out on this business opportunity. Contact us to find out more.
Remark :

Monthly Profit

Available on Request

Asking Price

RM 25,500,000
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