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Ref NoB367/VDS-05
StateEntire Malaysia
LocationWest Malaysia
CategoryIT / Telco / Communication
Websites for Sale

NFT & Crypto Business Opportunities

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets tied to blockchains that represent ownership over real world or virtual goods. The business is ready in marketplace would allow for the purchase, sale and trade of current business assets based on in a bid to cash in on the crypto sector.

Owners have spotted there are some clear changes of the future business environment especially in online world, and will be entering into Metaverse deeper from now onwards. The company website its platform also features an ability for IP holders to build their own assets supporting the issuance and sale of NFTs.

Licensing partner will be receiving NFT from HQ respectively and each NFT had certified individually. Partner can keep your NFT for future appreciate in value or resell to new owner. All transaction will be done in one of the world largest platform. Therefore, licensing partner will be getting white list in order to increase partner’s profit margin or shorten your ROI period.

It will be the 1st app in service industry brand in Malaysia which combined company services and there are no doubts for customer to pay by using crypto currency in using in house any services. In addition, individual who bought the shell token or the shell token’s owner can enjoy benefits from company such as special promo code and promotion vouchers that can use in current app or outlets.

Now open for 30% share sale. Meanwhile, owners are working hard from now in order to create own crypto currency and even NFT related games to benefits every individual party that join the business.
Remark :

Monthly Profit

Available on Request

Asking Price

RM 1,000,000
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