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Ref NoA376/VES-03
StateKuala Lumpur
LocationMont Kiara
CategoryEducation and Child Care

Language Centre & Tuition for Sale

A well-reputed Language Centre and a tuition business is looking for new ownership. The business was established in January 2019. The centre is situated in an ideal location of Mont Kiara where there is huge potential for the ex-pat students for both language classes as well as for the tuition classes for all levels (such as IGCSE, A Level, IBDP, CIMP etc) and all subjects. Language Centre is focusing more on bringing international students from other countries such as Middle East, Japan, Korea, China, Africa etc. Language centre is also conducting one to one classes with expats living in Mont Kiara and offering group classes as well.

All necessary approvals have been obtained such as Ministry of Education, Malaysia (MOE), Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (JPWPKL), BOMBA, KESIHATAN, DBKL 1 & DBKL 3. MOE Approval for KDN license is also obtained as well as EMGS approval to submit international students’ applications. The language centre has 1 year approval to recruit international students from around the world and 2 years approval to recruit international students by MOE department. Language Centre license is valid till 30th June, 2026. The language centre and tuition business has existing and potential agents contracts as well to further increase the range. The Language Centre is an approved exam preparation centre for Cambridge English courses as well.

The centre has 11 spacious fully furnished classrooms to have Language group classes apart from another study area to hold private study or discussions, a pantry, staff workstation etc. Language Centre holds a big library with academic, English and other books. All original materials, projector, furniture, fittings, renovation are included in the asking price. The rental is very reasonable and the landlord is very kind. Both rented units belong to the same owner. The first unit was taken on RM3000/month and the second one is much cheaper and we are paying RM2000/month for the first year and RM2500 for the 2nd year. So, the total rental for both units is RM5000 for the first year and next year would be RM5500 which is highly reasonable for such big space in Mont Kiara.

The language centre offers a wide range of courses from short to long term period, and more focus is on the English language at the moment. The tuition business is the backbone of the company which is generating huge sales & profits every single month. Few more steps can be taken to increase and expand the business throughout the country such as registering with HRDF to even further the business. Also, more international languages can be added under the language centre to cater for the needs of Mont Kiara vicinity. The business has expanded and obtained, renovated the next unit and built more classrooms for small and large group classes for both tuition and language centre.

The company has RM350,000 paid up capital and also recently added IT nature of the business as well. Company’s both fixed and current asset worth more than RM 550,000. Liabilities are almost less than RM 10,000 only. As now, the company can have two different natures of business both Education and IT. Business is having more than 10,000 teachers’ database. Each month more than 70-80 teachers have been teaching the range of students for home tuition, online tuition and tuition at our centre.

Company has around 8-10 full-time staff. Business will be sold with 2 main websites which has great presence over the google searches. The company has a corporate contract as well to teach one of the OA schools for RM200,000 per year (Sep 2021-Aug 2022). For 2022-2023, the company has proposed new service contract of RM 367,000 per year.

Tuition Business has been doing great in 2022. So far, until September 2022 the tuition business has generated over RM900,000 and language centre business before the international student’s approval has earned RM100,000. Company has crossed RM1 million sales in September 2022.

There are 3 more months in 2022 and we are expecting a total sale of RM1.5 million this year. Tuition business will generate around RM1.3 millions and language centre will have RM200,000 in 2022.

The target for the next year 2023 would be RM 1.6 million sales for tuition business and language business will have RM 1.6 million sales if we only recruit 100 students for 1 year study at our centre. Which can achieve with the help of recruitment agents as well as digital marketing to specific countries from where the most students are arriving in Malaysia to learn English course and apply to the university.

As mentioned, that our business is an authorised exam preparation centre for Cambridge English courses such as YLE (Young Learners English), KET & PET, BEC, IELTS etc. So, we have experience centre manager who is targeting local Malay as well as Chinese schools to offer these courses. Expected sales for Cambridge courses will be RM600,000 in 2023.

The company has secured 68% gross profit in 2021. The gross profit so far in 2022 is 70% which is about RM700,000. The owner will train the buyer and provide full assistance with the transition for up to 1 month.
Remark :Monthly Gross Profit RM 50,000 - RM 80,000 (till 2022)

Monthly Profit

RM 20,000 - RM 50,000

Asking Price

RM 2,500,000
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